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Eagle Hills is an Abu Dhabi-based private real estate investment and development company, specializing in the development of large-scale, mixed-use projects in high-growth international markets. Founded in 2014, Eagle Hills aims to revitalize urban spaces and create vibrant communities by integrating residential, commercial, retail, and hospitality components into its developments. The company has a diverse portfolio of projects across the Middle East, Africa, and Eastern Europe.

Key Developments and Projects

  1. Marassi Al Bahrain:
    • Located on the northern shores of Bahrain, Marassi Al Bahrain is a mixed-use development that combines residential, commercial, and leisure components. The project includes:
      • Marassi Residences and Marassi Shores Residences: High-end apartments offering waterfront living with stunning sea views.
      • Marassi Galleria: A world-class shopping mall featuring international brands, dining options, and entertainment facilities.
      • Marassi Boulevard: Residential and retail spaces designed to create a vibrant urban environment.
      • Luxury Hotels: Including The Address Marassi Al Bahrain and Vida Marassi Al Bahrain, providing premium hospitality experiences.
  2. Belgrade Waterfront:
    • A transformative urban regeneration project located along the Sava River in Belgrade, Serbia. This large-scale development aims to create a new city center with a mix of residential, commercial, and leisure spaces. Key features include:
      • BW Residences: Modern residential towers offering a variety of living spaces with panoramic views of the river and city.
      • BW Galerija: One of the largest shopping malls in the region, featuring a wide range of retail, dining, and entertainment options.
      • The St. Regis Belgrade: A luxury hotel providing world-class hospitality services.
      • Waterfront Promenade: A vibrant public space with parks, cafes, and cultural venues, enhancing the community’s lifestyle.
  3. The Address Fujairah Resort + Spa:
    • Located in Fujairah, UAE, this luxury development includes a hotel and residential complex set against the backdrop of the Hajar Mountains and the Indian Ocean. The project features:
      • The Address Residences Fujairah Resort + Spa: High-end apartments and villas offering beachfront living.
      • The Address Hotel: A luxury hotel providing exceptional hospitality and wellness facilities.
      • Retail and Dining: A selection of retail outlets and dining options catering to residents and visitors.
  4. La Gare, Addis Ababa:
    • An ambitious mixed-use development in Ethiopia’s capital city, La Gare is set to become a central business and lifestyle district. The project includes:
      • Residential Towers: Offering a range of apartments designed to meet various lifestyle needs.
      • Commercial Spaces: Office buildings and retail outlets providing business and shopping opportunities.
      • Hospitality: Hotels and serviced apartments catering to tourists and business travelers.
      • Public Spaces: Parks, plazas, and cultural venues enhancing community interaction and urban living.
  5. Maryam Island:
    • Situated in Sharjah, UAE, Maryam Island is a waterfront development featuring a mix of residential, commercial, and leisure components. Highlights include:
      • Maryam Beach Residences: A collection of luxury apartments offering views of the Arabian Gulf and access to private beaches.
      • Retail and Dining: An array of retail outlets and restaurants providing a lively waterfront experience.
      • Hospitality: Premium hotels and resorts offering top-tier accommodation and services.

Financial Performance and Market Position

Eagle Hills has rapidly positioned itself as a significant player in the international real estate market. The company’s strategic focus on high-growth markets and large-scale, integrated developments has driven its success. Eagle Hills’ ability to attract investments and partnerships underscores its strong market position and growth potential.

Commitment to Sustainability

Eagle Hills is dedicated to sustainability and incorporates environmentally responsible practices in its developments. The company prioritizes green building standards, energy-efficient technologies, and sustainable urban planning to minimize environmental impact. Eagle Hills aims to create developments that are not only luxurious but also eco-friendly and sustainable.

Community Engagement and Social Responsibility

Eagle Hills actively engages in corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives focused on community development, education, and cultural heritage. The company supports various programs and projects that enhance the quality of life for residents and contribute to the social and economic development of the regions in which it operates.

Eagle Hills has quickly established itself as a visionary developer of large-scale, mixed-use projects in key international markets. From the dynamic Marassi Al Bahrain to the transformative Belgrade Waterfront and the serene Maryam Island, Eagle Hills’ developments reflect a commitment to quality, sustainability, and community engagement. As Eagle Hills continues to expand its portfolio and enter new markets, it remains a key player in shaping the future of urban living and development.

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